QLC, meet DWM, my . . . er. . . other blog.

dwmI have never really understood the logic of the polyamourous relationship. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, a polyamourous relationship is one in which both parties concerned agree to allow their partner to openly pursue loving relationships with other people while still remaining together.) Perhaps it’s because I’m an only child who has a hard time sharing chips, let alone boyfriends, View Full Post

QLC Forum – Best Beauty Product of 2014?

Untitled-8 Season’s greetings qworterlifers. You may or may not have noticed that we are fast approaching the end of 2014, meaning that both terrifyingly and obviously, 2015 is nearly upon us. Cue 50 million magazine articles rudely assuming that I have ‘overindulged’ over the festive period (I have, but it’s rude to assume) and frantically profferring 3-day kale juice cleanses for £400. View Full Post