Great Big Blog Sale

blogsaleBeing an easily-led beauty blog fanatic I love to try out new makeup bits. Usually I do my research pretty darn well (is it just me or is looking up swatches all part of the fun?) but occasionally I put a foot wrong and purchase a product that just doesn’t quite click with me.  View Post

MAC Plushglass in Wildly Lush

MAC plushglass review As a hardcore makeup addict I feel like there are certain things I should have in order to be a proper card-carrying member of the makeup-crazy club. A go-to mascara is a must, as is an everyday blush, holy grail highlighter and a repeatedly repurchased concealer. One that I’ve never really been able to master though is the always-in-the-handbag lip product.  View Post

The growing-my-hair-out products

Untitled-1 I cut my hair short right after my biggest break up to date. Not very original I know I know, but I needed a change and hacking off what at the time were my very long very blonde locks seemed like the way to go. It was good while it lasted, but a recent bout of frankly terrifying bad hairdresser experiences have had me shunning the torture chamber salon for some time now, leaving me with longer locks than I’ve sported in several years. And while I’m not planning a return to the yellow-blonde hue of my uni days, a rerun of the big, bouncy, swishy look seems rather appealing.  View Post

5 nice things

Untitled-7Since we’re over a week into November and I have yet again failed to churn out a monthly favourites video, I thought I would kick off a blog series I’ve been wanted to start for a while now. ‘5 nice things’ is a weekly round-up of 5 bits and bobs that have been bringing me those little doses of everyday joy we all need. So here goes. . .  View Post