Boots Haul | Video

Untitled-5 What can I say? I can’t pass up a 3 for 2. I simply cannot. Like a moth to a lamp I am drawn inexorably to my downfall. Do I already have enough makeup to last several lifetimes? Yes. Did I buy some more? Yes. But I did it for you guys. So that makes it ok.   View Post

Benefit High Beam and The 5 Rules Of Gossip Girl

benefit high beam review Y’all may or may not know that I turned 24 last week. Now this doesn’t exactly qualify me as a wise old sage but I am starting to be able to feel the distance between the Maddie I am now and the Maddie of my teenage years. A lot of things that made perfect sense around the age of 16 now seem unfathomably ridiculous, and a lot of the things that used to induce irate moral outrage in me (the perceived unfairness of authority figures, friends’ less than perfectly faithful relationships with their boyfriends, etc) now elicit more of an oh-well-people-have-their-reasons, live and let live style response. View Post

My Week In Pictures #1

week Wow what an action packed week it’s been! In case you don’t follow me on instagram and therefore aren’t subjected to endless updates on everything I eat and every cat I see (seriously that’s pretty much all it is), I thought I would round up the highlights from one of the most exciting weeks I’ve had in a while. So here goes. View Post

7 New Year’s Resolutions

mug of tea, herbal tea, cup of teaSay what now? It’s only October? Indeed it is, and although New Year’s is still a few months off, I turned 24 today. So while the official time for re-assessing and re-committing to that diet/exercise regime and finally quitting smoking/drinking/compulsive shopping is not yet upon us, for today and today only I am exactly 24 years into this short journey, hopefully with many more years to go, and it’s got me thinking. View Post

Primers: The Good, The Bad, and The Right One For You

Untitled-7For a very long time I was a primer skeptic. In fact for most of my makeup-loving life primer has been a step I’ve skipped without a second thought, regarding it as just another bottle of nothingness pressed upon us by marketers as yet another ‘essential’ to cram into our already groaning drawers of totally necessary face products. That was, until I actually tried one. View Post