You’re in the wrong place :)

Untitled-9Hi there! Long time no post. A few weeks back I announced that I would be winding down this blog in order to concentrate on my new little internet funfair, DinnerWithMaddie.

Since that time I’ve continued to gain new followers here so I thought I’d just give y’all a little reminder that soon this corner of the internet will be no more. But have no fear! I’m still around, but you’ll have to come over here to find me.

See you on the other side!

Thank you and goodnight | a very difficult post to write. . .

IMG_8639I feel really quite emotional right now. Probably far more emotional than is really appropriate for the situation. The thing is I feel like I am letting you guys down a bit with what I plan to do, and I really do feel a connection to you (my readers) in a very real way, so it matters to me what you think of my blogging decisions and where I’m going with this. I’ll just get to the point shall I? View Full Post

Lush Mother’s Day 2015

lush Mother's Day 2015 collectionMy oh my I do love a limited edition Lush collection. The Christmas collections have my heart – and sadly the entire contents of my wallet – every year, and I always look forward to their quirky take on each national holiday. So I was thrilled – repeat *thrilled* – to be sent a selection of this year’s Mother’s Day goodies to sample. I am one lucky lady. View Full Post