Why you need a bedtime routine

Untitled-3 It’s taken me a long time to truly understand the importance of a good night’s sleep. The thing is that when you are deprived of it (self-induced or otherwise), even though you know you haven’t had enough z’s, it can still be a struggle to put your finger on quite why you’re feeling so iffy. View Post

Lady Gaga and the only lipsticks I really like

Untitled-3 If makeup items were famous people, lipstick would be Marylin Monroe, or Beyonce, or Madonna (pre bodybuilding and child-snatching). By which I mean that lipstick is an iconic cosmetic item. It’s always been there. Since the ancient Egyptians first daubed their fabulous selves with pigment several thousand years ago, lippy has been on the makeup menu. This cannot be said for other makeup items. View Post

3 relaxing activities everyone should try, and 1 we should all avoid

Untitled-13 Social media got you down? All that tweeting keeping you up at night? It’s become a cliche to blame social networking and the Y-generation’s rampant internet addicition for our inability to switch off, but there’s definitely something to it. We could all do with a few hours a day away from the screen, so I thought I’d bring you my top 3 favourite screen-free activities to help you relax sans pinning, pinging, texting or tweeting. View Post

A little miracle for curly hair

Untitled-25 Curly hair is a blessing in my opinion. I have always had wavey somewhat untameable locks and, apart from a brief period of peer-pressure-induced straightening in the early noughties, I have always loved it. The thing is curly hair can be straightened much more effectively than straight hair can be curled, so mo curls mo options. Ya get me? View Post